Almost all projects of Al-Haram City reflect its promise and priority to provide nature-friendly residential facility to all segments of society in accordance with their purchase power. Although, the target for timely provision of complete and quality homes is not impossible yet seems difficult to some extent. However, through an apt strategy and proper utilization of all available resources enabled the planning team of Al-Haram City to not only achieve this target but to set a standard of quality construction as well.

Location: Some Salient Features

The 37-00 KM long Chakri Road which presently provides main access to Al-Haram City has been expanded and modernized. The newly built wide road will provide a permanent solution to the traffic for many years to come. Therefore access to Al-Haram City and travel time is short either from the Chakri Interchange on the Motorway M-2 or from Rawalpindi City. Chakri Road has a further ability of expansion up to 220 feet. Chakri Road is also proposed to be part of CPEC, therefore its value is immense.

New Xi Jinping Islamabad Airport

The New Islamabad Airport will be named Xi Jinping Airport after the Chinese President in recognition of China's contribution towards CPEC and warm relations between the two countries. The new airport will serve 15 million passengers with the ability to expand to 25 million in future. It is expected to be inaugurated in March 2018 and will be the biggest airport in Pakistan. It is spread over 3,571.5 acres and has two runways with possibility of a third in future. Al-Haram City will have easy access to the new Airport as the Motorway is just few Kilometers away (at Chakri interchange).

Alternately, the new airport will be accessible through Morti More or through proposed Ring Road, Rawalpindi.

Therefore Al-Haram City has this added advantage and unique distinction of being located where access to important location such as Rawalpindi through Chakri Road. Lahore, Peshawar and Rawalpindi via (M-2) Motorway. Al-Haram City, Chakri Road, Rawalpindi shall also be accessible through Chak Beli Khan Road, Adiala Road, G.T Road (N-5) Bant Mor, Thalian Interchange via the proposed Ring Road Rawalpindi.

Ring Road, Rawalpindi

The Proposed Ring Road, Rawalpindi once completed, will provide even more accessibility to Al-Haram City. It will have a total length of 70 Km, having 6 bridges and 10 overhead bridges and will be spread over thousands of kanal. PC-I & PC-II of the project has been completed. Ring Road has also been declared part of CPEC.
With an interchange to be built about less than one kilometer from Al-Haram City, on Chakri Raod, access from Al-Haram City will be available to G.T Road, (at Channi Pul), to Chak Beli Khan Road, to Adiala Road, and to Thalian.
Being at the heart of Rawalpindi being near Ring road Rawalpindi Chakri Interchange, Al Haram City is uniquely placed with all major places of interest nearby. Prices will increase tremendously once Ring Road is completed so it is a very good investment now.

Al-Haram School System & Fatima Jinnah Women University

At Al-Haram School System, children of our residents need not go anywhere else as it provides quality education at affordable prices. Al-Haram School is built over a vast area and there are a large number of classrooms in a modern building . There is also the facility of a large play ground .
Now Fatima Jinnah Women University situated at a walking distance from Al-Haram City is also near completion which means students will have easy access to quality education services. The New University has a huge capacity of large number of students and is spread over a huge area which means it will cater to the needs of students for years to come.
It is a dream of every parent that their children have easy access to quality education and their travelling time to and from such institutions is short to save precious time especially close to their examinations and tests. At Al-Haram City therefore you need not worry about the future of your children and their careers as they will be equipped to deal with challenges ahead.

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